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Enhance your Mining Operation with lowered overhead through Maintenance cost savings
Mining vehicles in tar sands and opencast mines demand that their diesel engines guarantee maximum performance, higher load capacities and payloads, as well as minimal costs per ton of material moved. The Petrexx additive helps ensure that requirements are met.

Petrexx ensures that engines perform regardless of altitude, temperature or extreme dust.

You need reliable engine. We help you maximize uptime and performance.

Petrexx is known for cutting-edge innovation and technological leadership. Our focus is to maximize efficiency and meet emissions standards.

Petrexx has a long history of proving itself in mining applications around the globe. Day in and day out, under extreme conditions, in hard continuous operation.

Gain the advantage of Low life cycle costs due to more efficient operation, low fuel consumption and long TBO intervals. With the added benefit of environmentally friendly operation.

Petrexx is designed to ensure maximum performance, uptime and value of your vehicles and hardware.

Humid heat by day, icy cold at night. Constantly swirling dust, moisture that penetrates everything which is when fuel can be compromised and needs to be protected with Petrexx.

Acquire top reliability – and high productivity.

Your vehicle fleet demands as much as it delivers.

Petrexx ensures your drilling equipment works reliably at high power.

Petrexx protects the engine, optimizes performance and simplifies diagnostics and maintenance – Even under the harshest conditions.

Vehicles and machines with heavy loads move around the clock at high temperatures in dust and moisture. Petrexx is ideal for these situations.

Harness power with responsibility. Petrexx assists in making the emissions levels of your engines meet regulations and as environmentally friendly as possible. So they comply with EPA Tier 4 final/EU Stage IV emissions regulations.

Your need your mining operation run with absolute reliability, with exceptional efficiency being a key factor in its economic success.

A substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with Petrexx.

Enable engine compliance with the most stringent emission regulations along with a reduction in fuel consumption. A win-win situation for your earnings and the environment.

A powerful advantage
You Higher reliability with Petrexx and increased uptime achieved  through improved engine reliability and ease of maintenance.

We provide helpful, expert advice from the concept phase to project management on how to utilize Petrexx in your operation that is just right for your specific equipment and application.

Improve system performance and extend equipment life.


Experience fuel savings for mine operators

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Trusted by Mining Operations Worldwide

Join the many happy operators that have benefited from Petrexx. Join the many happy operators that have benefited from Petrexx. Join the many happy operators that have benefited from Petrexx. Join the many happy operators that have benefited from Petrexx.

Dramatic savings on maintenance, downtime,
and operating costs in all types of
mining operations.

Customer Reviews

I got an extra 3 MPG after using DieselCure in my Truck. Winter cold starting was much better, and no more water in fuel problems. Performance increased and far less DPF regens! Awesome product! I love it!
Our truck fleet has 80% less DPF Regens and DEF use. Also, a dramatic reduction in maintenance and downtime. DPF burn off temperature was much lower, so DPF unit will last longer. Also, less black smoke! DieselCure is saving us big time in the end!
FuelCure gasoline additive for cars and motorcycles is an amazing product! I get lower fuel consumption and much better all round performance. I use it in my vehicles and Harley! Using FuelCure I know my fuel quality is now what it should be.
Being fairly concerned about our environment as well as my assets, I feel this is the only product that actually takes care of both! Refreshing change! Love this stuff!

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Fleet Performance

Increased Fuel Lubricity
Increased Performance
Increased Combustion
Increased Fuel Quality


Less Maintenance
Less Operating Costs
Less DPF Regens & DEF use
Less Downtime & Wear

Protect the Environment

Much Lower Emission levels
Reduces black smoke

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