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Lowered fuel costs and reduced component wear on your Power Generator.
Around the world, all types of industries rely on Petrexx to give their diesel and gas Power Generators maximum efficiency and economic performance.

A Power Generator needs to ideally have maximum reliability, low fuel consumption, long service intervals and low emissions.

Petrexx improves all those requirements with Power Generators that operate in the healthcare industry, data centers, airports, manufacturing plants and independent power stations.

You need a reliable Power Generator. We help you maximize uptime and performance.

In most work environments, reliability and maximum uptime is crucial. Petrexx removes any water that leaks into the fuel from the moisture in the air thereby reducing wear on mechanical components.

With Petrexx you will achieve lower operating costs resulting from long maintenance intervals and an ultra-efficient, fuel-optimized operation.

Gain the advantage of Low life cycle costs due to more efficient operation, low fuel consumption and long TBO intervals. With the added benefit of environmentally friendly operation.

Petrexx will lower fuel costs which lowers your operational overhead, making it an ideal fit for a broad range of utility and industrial applications.

Petrexx helps your Power Generator withstand hot and humid conditions. This is because Ethanol, like diesel is Hygroscopic, meaning it draws moisture from the air. Water in gasoline is extremely harmful to engines.

Petrexx treatment removes ALL water contamination from fuel and neutralize all acid build-up and dissolve resin & waxing. Improved combustion will also increase engine efficiency and lowers fuel costs.

You then receive:

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Join the many happy operators that have benefited from Petrexx. Join the many happy operators that have benefited from Petrexx. Join the many happy operators that have benefited from Petrexx. Join the many happy operators that have benefited from Petrexx.


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Customer Reviews

I got an extra 3 MPG after using DieselCure in my Truck. Winter cold starting was much better, and no more water in fuel problems. Performance increased and far less DPF regens! Awesome product! I love it!
Our truck fleet has 80% less DPF Regens and DEF use. Also, a dramatic reduction in maintenance and downtime. DPF burn off temperature was much lower, so DPF unit will last longer. Also, less black smoke! DieselCure is saving us big time in the end!
FuelCure gasoline additive for cars and motorcycles is an amazing product! I get lower fuel consumption and much better all round performance. I use it in my vehicles and Harley! Using FuelCure I know my fuel quality is now what it should be.
Being fairly concerned about our environment as well as my assets, I feel this is the only product that actually takes care of both! Refreshing change! Love this stuff!

Our Promise.

Fleet Performance

Increased Fuel Lubricity
Increased Performance
Increased Combustion
Increased Fuel Quality


Less Maintenance
Less Operating Costs
Less DPF Regens & DEF use
Less Downtime & Wear

Protect the Environment

Much Lower Emission levels
Reduces black smoke

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